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Forever Last Faraday Shark Flashlight

Posted by Feng Huang on

This forever last faraday shark flashlight uses no batteries or bulbs instead of it uses Faraday’s Principle of Magnetic Induction to produce light without batteries. So how does it work? See the animation below:

When shaken back and forth, a strong magnet passes repeatedly through a wire coil, generating electricity that charges the flashlight’s capacitor. The capacitor will hold a charge for long periods of time. Unlike a battery, the capacitor can be recharged almost indefinitely, will operate even in hot or cold environments and will not corrode like a battery. 30 seconds of quick shaking will produce enough electricity to power the light for up to 5 continuous minutes. So it is not suitable for everyday use. But an excellent choice in emergency kits and vehicle glove boxes…just-in-case. Get one for your home and each vehicle. No more wasted or corroded batteries that can make a standard flashlight unusable…



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