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Euro Money Printed Toilet Paper & Dollar Bill Tissue

Posted by Feng Huang on

Wish you were living it up as part of the lifestyle of the rich? Then you might want to consider getting this 200 Euro toilet paper if you failed in your attempt to amass an obscene amount of wealth. At least you can try to feel rich with the 200 Euro bill toilet paper after wiping your rear end with it, flushing down good money. Also there are Euro & dollar bill tissue which is printed with exact copies of Euro & dollar bills! If you fancy yourself as a bit of a big spender, spend a penny and wipe your cares away with a 500 bill! Ideal for house warming gifts, stocking fillers and to jazz up any boring bathroom, this money printed tissue will give you no end of fun at home or in the office. Take a couple of 100 bills out of you pocket and blow your nose on them and impress your guests!  Who said throwing money down the toilet wasn’t fun? Size: 210 x 210mm 3 layer Weight: 18g Packaging: 10 sheets/pack


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