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Analog Projection Clock

This analog projection clock is housed in a see-through acrylic shell which shows off the unique optics and mechanical components that generate the time in a classic analog face, including a fully-animated sweeping second hand and Arabic numerals at the cardinal points to create a crisp, clear wall clock made of pure light. Depending on the proximity of the projection box placement to the wall the bright clock face image can be up to 3 feet in diameter. A 80-watt halogen lamps bulb generates 700 candlepower to create a crisp image with sharply defined numerals and edges on any vertical flat surface. The size of the projection is of course based on how far the clock is placed from the wall. There’s also controls for tweaking both the focus and the brightness. The sturdy projection box is made of durable injection-molded acrylic that is completely transparent, revealing the internal lamp, mirrors, and lens mechanism that generates the light projection. Measures:18x18x8cm. Note:220V power supply.

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