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Decorative Fiber Optic Lighting Tree/Flower

This unique optical fiber lighting tree/flower is made of high-tech optical fibren. It eluminate colorful lights when it is plugged in. Really novel, fashionable and beautiful. Also it is energy-saving and environmental protection. A pot of tree/flowers consumes only 1 kilowatt per month and its life-span is more than 50,000 hours. How It Works? At one end of the fiber optic cable is a light, which shines into the cable. Because it is an ordinary light, it doesn’t go perfectly straight, but veers off in various directions. When the cable is bent, it causes the light to veer even further. That is where the reflective coating comes in. Any light that veers off course is reflected back into the tube by the coating. At the end of the cable, the light shines out of the tube as a small light.

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