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Ninja Katana Umbrella

Whether you live by the code of bushido or just think katanas are wicked cool, then perhaps the ninja katana umbrella will tickle your fancy. It resembles the traditional weapon of the samurai: katanas, and comes with a soft case to carry it in. Glide it out of its nylon sheath. Hold it by its space-age plastic handle. Feel the balance. No one will mess with you with this slung across your back, and even the rain will shudder when you pull it out. It will keep you dry and the envy of your friends. This ninja katana umbrella is great for lovers of Iaido, Samurai, Japanese sword and Ninja. Push button opening. Nylon “scabbard” included – with adjustable shoulder strap. Dimensions: 38.75″ long; 41″ opened diameter.

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