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Huggable Glowing Heart-Shaped Throw Pillow

Posted by Feng Huang on

You may not be there every single night for your loved ones to hold on to, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t hug something warm when you’re not around. This heart-shaped pillow glows in a warm yellow/pink/blue/seven color. It’s a great Valentine gift designed to hang on to whenever they need to feel your love close to their own hearts. Measures:60x40x20cm


  • Bought it as being a gift concerning my mom as well as she adored that. awesome excellence kind price and/or our mom enjoyed this. Additionally sent very fast. When you require a present accelerated and you such as this versus this is an individual you ought to choose! on

  • I requested that for the my personal mama never anticipating much since it was quite affordable. Once I gotten that I became delighted! It really is lovely & does not appearance inexpensive at all! My personal mama liked they! on

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