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Handbag Umbrella – Transforming Umbrella Into A Bag

It seems like everyone is always out to design a better umbrella. While many of the results are more focused on novelty and form than function, and some combine style and substance in an appealing and pragmatic way – such as this handbag umbrella which transforming umbrella into a bag.


In super market, you have to leave the umbrella outside of door, it is easy to lose the umbrella.Right? All the problem will be gone with this novelty handbag umbrella. As the image showing above, after closing the umbrella, it becomes a good looking handbag. The umbrella inverts as it does so – thus, it captures the water on the inside instead of letting it drip within whatever interior space you are entering. In the super market, you can take it as a bag, even you can put some small stuffs inside it. On the bus, what you holding up will no longer a umbrella. it is a bag stop the water making uphappy with you and persons at your side!

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