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Automatic Dispensing Cigarette Case With Lighter

If you want a cool way to keep your smokes from crushing in your pocket, this automatic dispensing cigarette case with lighter is a good choice. When you are ready to light up simply slide the button down and vua-la! The cigarette is automatically dispensed from an opening on the top of the case. The modern automatic dispensing cigarette Case fits any brand of your favorite king sized cigarettes. It is extremely easy to load with cigarettes and it is even easier to use! Flip the bottom door open, load your cigarettes in and your good to go. One touch operation with a built in lighter makes this cigarette case perfect for one hand dispensing while driving or doing other jobs that require use of your hands.

- Holds 10 to 16 cigarettes (depending on size). - Built-in butane lighter with flame adjustment ring and refill port. - Cigarettes automatically pop out from the topside opening by sliding a side switch.

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