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Kitty(Puppy) Steals Money Piggy Bank

This is a super-cute automated kitty/puppy piggy bank steals money from the fish plate! “What the… I swear I left that right there just a second ago!?”  We want to think that somebody took it…but nobody is going to admit that they stole something from you…Well, the next time you think you lost some of your spare change, you may just have one strong suspect.. In fact, the kitty or the puppy will come out of the cardboard box, and it will quietly take your coin! It also meows or barks before and after it takes your money as if it is saying thanks! The best thing about these guys is the fact they will give your money back whenever you want them to! Isn’t it adorable? How kitty/puppy bank steals money coin piggy bank works?

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