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USB Panic Button

If you work at a computer, then just like everyone the world over, we’re all guilty of doing stuff that isn’t strictly speaking ‘work’ when we’re at work. Whether we’re playing some inane game, surfing the IWOOT site (which seems to happen a lot), updating our Facebook entry, zipping round the world on Google Earth – whatever the diversion from the mundane reality of work, we need to be able to escape very fast if the boss looms. Not only do you need to be able to duck out of your current diversion quickly, you also need to do it without the evil eye noticing. So a frantic clicking of keys will simply not do, it’s far too obvious. Bosses were not born yesterday (as they have an irritating habit of telling us all the time). So what to do? Well get yourself one of these USB Panic Buttons, that’s what. Plug it into a USB port and stick the button on the floor by your feet, the moment a suit comes anywhere close, just kick the switch and a suitably busy and important spreadsheet, or flow chart (there’s a selection of four you can choose from or you can create your own), will pop up onto your screen – showing you to be the diligent employee you know you’re not. A saviour at the click of a button.

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