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LED Handwriting Fluorescent Advertising Billboards

The LED handwriting fluorescent advertising billboard is a great product for catching your customers’ eyes! A great item for night business shops such as restaurants, bars, disco and mall, it utilizes dazzling LED light, various flash modes and creative design to attract customers to reach promotion effects. These light-up signs allow you to convey your message to your customers in the BRIGHTEST ways. Now you don’t have to worry if it’s too dark for your guests to see what the daily special is, they can’t miss it! A tripod(No included) allows free standing action both horizontally and vertically. Also works well mounted on a wall. It’s an amazing advertising tool for businesses and an investment that should be considered by all. Besides, this item can be used as a fancy toy to inspire children’ creativity, imagination and drawing.


Recommended: Night business shops, cafe, restaurants, bars, pubs, disco and malls signs, party deco, menu boards, special offers, children educations, meeting memos, etc.

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