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Custom Made Polymer Clay Figurine

There are many clay sculpture of well-known star or politicaians in market, and have you ever thought that why can not we have a clay sculpture of myself? Good news, we can help you! Using your photo as references, our professional sculptors and artists can create custom caricature figurines made to look like you or your loved one! It is made of polymer clay, about 6~8 inches high. The head will be slightly larger than normal for the body. Each part is custom painted according to your favor colors, these choices include bodies, bases, props and accessories at no extra charge. Our highly talented sculptors and professional artists can sculpt your happy face into a stunning piece of amazing figurine sculpture artwork(Cute version,not realistic version). Your ideal personalized gift for presents or Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Farewell, Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Boss’s day, Secretary’s Day, Housewarming, Sports Events, Parties, Graduation, April Fool, Pranks, Christmas or any special occasion. Custom figurine artwork shows your loved ones and co-workers you really care with a gift that is truly unique. Send us a photo and our skilled artists will hand sculpt your amazing personalized figurine – Just Like You!

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