Living Colors Mini Lamp

The living colors mini lamp is an innovative mood setter with the capability to project 256 different color combinations. You can get 256 different color combinations by simply selecting the color of your choice on the integrated color wheel, and easily to create the unique atmosphere that fits a particular moment. You can wash a wall, corner, or room with the color that matches your mood.

A flash of fuchsia. A flood of violet. A glowing orange sunset. Dial up today’s favourite on the rainbow colour ring and create an ambience to reflect your mood. A trendy glossy black finish. The power cable is 4-1/2 feet long and connects to the power adaptor, which keeps the voltage low. Because the LEDs emit no heat, you can leave the lamp on for as long as you want. The surface will always be cool to the touch, and it’s easily cleaned with a soft, dry cloth.


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