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Star War Darth Vader 4 Port USB Hub

Vader – once Anakin Skywalker, When we were just young, that breathy evil  space-samurai used to give us nightmares. Now, though, Lucas has turned  him into a simple misunderstood uberjedi with a few mechanical upgrades.  Still, that lovable 7 foot-tall misanthrope is the coolest Jedi evar, and it was about time we turned him into a USB Hub. 480 MBps of digital connectivity in a simple four-port  USB 2.0 hub sits on your desk, just oozing sithy malevolence. Plug in  your flash drives, scanners, and other devices, and he’ll frighten you  with those iron-lungs of his. Features: Eyes glow and head turns. Vader speaks when you insert a new USB device.

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