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Wireless Digital Pen Mouse For Laptop Screen

Why bother buying a tablet when you can turn your monitor into one? That is now possible with the wireless digital pen mouse which is a clip-on wireless gizmo that transforms your boring old laptop screen into a full-featured touchscreen. Just clip the thing to the top of the LCD, pick up the pen part of the ensemble and start drawing, scribbling and writing directly on the screen. As with all these ‘clever’ technologies, don’t expect great resolution, because that’s very difficult to do, but if you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional mouse, this could be worth a look. Designed for machines running Vista or Windows 7 (it uses the tablet interface in those OS platforms), it is a two-component system that makes touch response available on any computer. The wireless digital pen mouse consists of two components: a USB-connected base station that clips over the monitor and a pen that you can use as a pointer for the screen.  It uses infrared and ultrasonic waves to track the pen’s location at any given time, processing the movement to reflect it on the desktop. Remarkably versatile, the drawing peripheral even doubles as a regular ballpoint pen. As such, you can use it to write stuff on paper that is immediately replicated on the bundled NoteTaker software. Support maximum 15.4” LCD screen size and equivalent magnitude of virtual space for laptop. Color:Black,White [wp_checkout price="239.00" options_name="Color" options="Black,White" qty_field = "true" no_cart = "true" b_title="Add To Cart"] There is another model support maximum 22” which transforms general desktop monitors (including LCD and CRT) into highly-priced tablet monitor with simply placing receiver on top of monitor.

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