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Misty Garden Aroma Humidifier

The Misty Garden is a silent humidifier that is also stylish as it puts moisture and aroma into the air. Using an anti-bacterial filter shaped like a bed of flowers, Misty Garden is ecological as well as good for dry winters. Misty Garden is a large filter cut in the shape of a flower garden and placed in a flower pot holder. By pouring in water, and aroma if desired, moisture is added to the air in an easy and stylish way that doesn’t create noise or require any power. The filters can also be removed and placed in the container of your choice. You can use Misty Garden with included tray, or with another holder of your choice. Simply add a cup of water to the holder (and aroma if desired) and decrease dry skin, dry eyes, and sore throats. It’s perfect for any room, office, cubicle, or other dry areas where you spend time. Size: L35 x W17 x H18cm Weight: 190g

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