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Voice Recognition Alien Designed Clock

The voice recognition designed clock is a loveable character which  actually listens to what you say, recognising and repeating back alarm times and responding to his name. This little alien uses artificial intelligence to respond to your voice and he’ll reply to six of your questions or commands with some cheeky backchat! Gives different answers to six different questions/commands: ‘How are you feeling?’ ‘Sing me a song’ ‘Make a decision’ ‘How do I look?’ ‘Are you hungry?’ ‘Go to sleep’ Just be warned, sometimes he’ll flatter you, other times his response could leave your ego slightly bruised! Like the best of us, he can be a little sensitive, so don’t shout at him or he may give you the silent treatment! Features:
  • Product Dimensions: (H) 21cm x (W) 11cm x (D) 12.5cm
  • Box Dimensions: (H) 32.5cm x (W) 13.5cm x (D) 13.5cm
  • Package Weight: 743g
  • Power Requirements: Mains adapter (included) or 3 x AA (Not Included).
  • Tells the time when you ask him
  • Alarm clock
  • LCD display
NB: Nobby, the talking clock is more responsive when using the mains adapter as the voice recognition feature uses a lot of battery power.

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