2Carat Diamond Ring Coffee Cup

The 2carat diamond ting coffee cup not only looks elegant as you grip a sip, but is quite deceptive upon unboxing, especially if it’s been given as a gift. Not a diamond ring, but a Cup ring! Sooo…don’t give it to someone who adores jewelry unless they adore coffee and tea even more. When holding the cup with all 5 fingers, the handle is conveniently located to fit your ring-finger to showcase the crystal embedded into the handle. A perfect gift for that perfect someone.

Cup Size: 2.8″ x 2.8″ x 3.7″ (<8.1oz.>, Spoon: 4.1″)


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    Die Idee hinter ist hochinteressant, allerdings kann ein solches Setting auch schnell ein unlogisches Durcheinander zerfallen.
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    I had gotten it headphonestowards our mom concerning moms time, and also she definitely loved things! It really is actually pretty headphonesas well as the suggesting regarding the card in which will come inside package is really emotional!! And premium of the beads was very good!

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    This particular item had been with that awesome price I not consideration some sort of good would be quite excellent. It is beautiful. Your mom may prefer information technology on top of Xmas morning where she opens gifts and it appears like I spent a lot more, although pricing is really very good!!

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