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Echo Bot Memo Voice Recorder

This is echo bot memo voice recorder what the good people call “Echo Bot” at Gizoo. It is basically a voice recorder, but it’s a motion-activated one, which means that once you’ve recorded your ten-second message (that’s all you get, unfortunately), the echo bot will play it back to the next person to walk past. Because of those spindly (but also stretchy) legs with their suction-cup feet, you can still Belle onto almost any surface, where it will lie in wait to spit out your message to unsuspecting passers-by. She’s battery-operated. Features:
  • Record voice message of up to 10 seconds.
  • Message is played back when motion is detected in front of sensor eyeball.
  • Sensing distance approximately 3.3′/1 metre.
  • Accordion-style bendable legs with suction cup feet.
  • Measures about 7″/18cm. from suction cup foot to knobbly antenna.

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