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Sega iSmile(Electronic Pets Flowers)

The Sega Toys iSmile is an interactive plant that moves to your music and does things like tell the time. At first glance it looks like a clock in the form of a flower pot but inside it’s so much more. It is an interactive device that the LCD display shows different smiley faces and expressions depending on the style of music you give it. This is an ornamental flower that can be used for telling time or just looking cute on your desk. However the iSmile is very different as it interacts with your favorite music and gives a different response to each style of music. It has a built-in speaker located on the bottom of the device. There is a standard audio plug in the back of the pot that lets you connect to any digital music device such as an iPod, MP3 player, stereo player and PC/MAC. Once the music is playing the flower will light up with your music and the petals will dance to the beat. When you don’t want to listen to music the flower face turns into a clock or goes to sleep. The flower is motion activated so you can wave your hand in front of it and it responds with a cute little voice. The screen on the flower face also displays different faces depending on mood. Product durability quality is very good. The flower pot body and each of the petals are made to withstand accidental drops or bumps. The lights are bright and the speaker quality is better than most. There are some batteries needed for the speakers and for the lights in order to use all the neat features it offers. In order to save battery life the flower goes into a sleep mode that can be set at different intervals. Features:
  • Tell you Time: iSmile has a built-in LED Clock on its face.
  • Interactive Response: Wave your hand before iSmile to see Different Facial Expression.
  • When the iSmile is activated, the leaves will move and the flower petals will flash with different colors.
  • Desktop Speaker: iSmile is a Speaker when connected to your music device / computer with the connection cable.
  • Auto-Power Saving Function
  • HxWxD(approx.): 20.5cm x 15cm x 9cm
  • Weight: 450g

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