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Foldable DIY Mess Kit

Posted by Feng Huang on

This mess kit are portable nd easy to use and fold it for outdoor activities, it made from PP which are light weight, washable, re-cycle to protect environmental, scale carved on cup can measure the water you drink (400ml/12ozs). And could be a simple cutting board when camping.

Material: PP Packing size(unfold): 265mm x 265mm

Package: 1 x Fold Cup 1 x Fold Plate 1 x Fold Bowl

Q: Tableware distinguish between positive and negative do? A: Regardless of positive and negative. Q: The Cup will be in use disengaged hands do? A: Not. If you feel that handle relaxation is proposed to handle the reverse of the last paragraph and then insert the folded cup body of the dissection. Q: easy to clean tableware do? A: Polypropylene is a non-residual materials, and the tableware was launched, no dead corner, easy to wipe and clean. Q: How to make utensils after use to restore formation? A: Just the reverse folding, can be restored formation. Moreover, it is best used in turn to uphold the positive and negative, after repeated use, the flatness is better. Q: tableware use, the crease or in the vicinity would be anti-white, and affect the use? A: First of all, this is a normal phenomenon and will not affect use. Secondly, it is recommended to fold along the crease, and the top of the container with your fingers at the bottom of the chine to fold, so you can effectively reduce the phenomenon of anti-white. Q: How long is life? (This product durability it?) A: The product of the folding parts of the thickness of less than 0.3 mm, although very thin, but upheld the performance strong, fracture behavior does not occur. Q: What are the characteristics of materials tableware? A: from food-grade polypropylene resin manufacturing, environmentally friendly, with a durable, heat-resistant, non-toxic, and security features. Less than half the weight of titanium, and has excellent resistance to folding properties.


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