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Email Icon Bag

Posted by Feng Huang on

Email Icon bag is designed with the concept of applying computer icons. Young post-men and couriers like it because it’s highly flexible, firm, and sturdy fixed-gear that can, on one hand, demonstrate their self-style, and can also be used during transportation. The messenger bag is endowed with two different styles on the two sides. Regarding its materials, it is highly waterproof with internal layering so that it can accommodate people with diverse habits of utility. Besides, it also has a shockproof partition for notebook attached. The outlook of MESSAGE is created with models on two sides; it has a computer pattern on one side, and an envelope pattern on the other side. It utilizes highly waterproof nylon cloth, with a fixed-belt attached on the side so that Message bag is well cut for all kinds of weather and carrying methods. Inside, there is massive amount of space for storage and kinds of layering, in addition to a waterproof ID bag and shockproof notebook partition. As such, you can always and easily carry your MESSAGE, whether you are a commuter or traveler, fully demonstrating your unique characteristic and exuding “self-confidence.” Size: L 43.0cm W 30.0cm D 15.0cm


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