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Magic Egg Mini Pet Plant

Posted by Feng Huang on

It is a egg style vase that you can plant mini flower, there are six kinds of plant for you:Lavender,Codariocalyx motorius,Sunflower, Petunia hybrida, Bashful grass, Coreopsis.

How to plant it? (1)Knock the top of egg gently with a spoon. Crushed egg shells which can be used as fertilizer. (2)Wet soil, remove the seeds, put the seeds inside the egg and then cover soil over it, finally watering until the water out of the bottom. (3)It sprouted in a few days, brings all surprise to you. Plant Option:Lavender,Codariocalyx Motorius,Sunflower, Petunia Hybrida, Bashful Grass, Coreopsis.


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