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USB Chess Board

Why should we play chess on a regular board, when all we have to do is plug our USB chess boards into the computer and we can automatically have all of our games saved, timed, scored and more? With touch sensors under every square, these boards keep extensive and accurate records of ours games, and bring us a whole new level of flexibility. Features:

  • Rolls up to a small size
  • Easy storage
  • Innovative interfaces allows full display/programming customization
  • Play, pause and restart games with the click of a button
  • Game save functions allow users to email fully or semi-recorded games
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • When in doubt, Hint button suggests the best move to make
  • Player vs Player, Player vs Computer, or even Player vs Player via the internet
  • Records highest scores
  • Includes game timer feature, let you know how much longer you have to play.
  • Each move is recorded so you know where you went wrong or right in the game
  • Innovative interface allows all programming and sound to be activated on the computer sceen
  • Tutorial Guide
  • Power supply: via USB port
  • No batteries required
  • Compatible with Windows XP
Package: 1 x USB chess board 1 x Chess set 1 x Installation disk 1 x Instructions System Requirements: PC with pentium 3 or compatible processor that operates at 1.5GHz or faster Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or higher. Display adapter capable of 800 x 600 in 16 bit colour 256 mb of system RAM 200MB available hard disk space CD-ROM Drive One available USB 1.1 Port

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March 03, 2016

How much? Where can I get it?

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