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i-Jerry Vibrating Speaker

i-piggy is a magic audio frequency fixture. It’s quite different from traditional speakers which are based on electro-magnetic coils. The way it works is by making any hard surface such as wood, glass, floor, and metal play euphonious musical notes. Experiment with various materials around you, which play different music quality, and you’ll lose yourself in the freedom of music. The new sound principle will introduce you to a new musical lifestyle. The size and shape of the Vibro are as original as you are. The audio quality will maintain the same level no matter what. Equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack, simply connect it to your iPod, laptop, or any other 3.5 mm compatible audio sources that you have! How does it work? Well, it uses a small piece of material called Terfenol-D, originally used by the US Navy for sonar work. The Terfenol is placed within an aluminum case and a coil is wrapped around it. When electricity is passed through the coil the Terfenol expands slightly creating a force of 450 pounds – when it’s placed on a flat surface it transmits electronic signals into mechanical energy causing the flat surface to vibrate and broadcasts the sound. Specification: 2G MP3 Input: 100-240V Size: 7.5cmWx12.5cmH Output: 12V 100HZ~17KHZ Color: White

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