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Air Guitar

This air guitar works by using an infrared sensor in the neck of the guitar to detect your hand motions. While the battery-operated air guitar does have a built-in speaker, you can also connect it to an external amplifier when you want to crank up the volume. To play you simply hold your fingers on the chord buttons on the fretboard, and then let rip with your air-strumming. Infrared sensors will detect your hand motions and turn them into music through its speaker. More advanced than your guitar hero variety, the controller has seven buttons of different chords but also additional buttons on the side to change from major, minor, augmented and diminished sounds. It even includes ten beginner songs to get you up to speed. Among the tunes: Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Jet), Walk This Way (Aerosmith), and Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple). We think it’s pretty advanced for such a compact design and now you can actually produce some sound when playing the air guitar.

Color: black,red,blue

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