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This star projector projects a map of the heavens onto your ceiling and walls with thousands of stars in random order.

Featuring a rotating base with compass-point alignments, it is possible to set up your AstroStar by aligning it according to your location and the time of the year, so it can project a map of the clear night sky all around you. You can also change it to the accurately track movement of the heavens as the year progresses.


The AstroStar projector not only gives your child an education of astronomical science, but also gives you the couple to create a romantic surprise! Ideal for astronomy or astrology fans, romantics, kids who appreciate a nightlight with a difference or anyone who wants to bring some starlight into their home. Powered by a couple of AA batteries and 110V~240V power adpter.


Note: You need to build it yourself.  

Tip:Keep the room dark to get better performances.

Many customers reports the bulb of this stat projector is too weak to project a clear stars on the wall, and asked if it is possible to get a stronger bulb? There is a good news, we had released a new LED bulb to replace the original one, it is light engouh to project a clear stars on your wall, a picture is worth a thousand words, check it below.

There are three colors for option, white, blue and yellow, each DIY Romantic Star Projector includes one LED bulb, if you want more of it just click here to get it.

DIY Romantic Star Projector

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Advise you follow above video guide to assemble this projector, it will be more easy than follow the manual, also you can follow it by this blog guide. If you have any trouble or quality issues with it, just feel free to contact us, we will guide you to fix it out or resend you a new one.

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  1. Awesome! But tricky Review by PietaA

    This product is actually really good, although it took me a few attempts to put together. The light isn't as bright as shown in the picture, but still works great. Great idea for presents for those who are handy with DIY. Excellent product, highly recommend. :) (Posted on 11/11/12)

  2. OK Review by Josie

    The quality of this thing is... well, bad. I broke things even though I was being VERY careful. But as it's so cheap I guess I get it. Fun to assemble if you watch the video on this site as you go along. Result is cozy but nothing like the pics, it's a weak, fuzzy light. Will try to get a new bulb and see if it gets better.
    Would prefer it if this thing was better quality, pre-assembled and a little dearer, instead of cheap and crappy. (Posted on 11/5/12)

  3. Just buy it! Review by SallySue

    I love this Star Projector!! I have to admit it took some time to assemble. FYI do not refer to the manual that comes with the package, it's for a different model. Look at the clip above, it's pretty easy if you follow it :).
    Even though I am grown adult I use it as a night light and it comforts me in a wonderful way. (Posted on 10/13/12)

  4. Its a nice idea Review by Rachel

    Shipping took longer than expected even though I paid for premium. It took them about a week to actually ship it with some nagging involved. The instructions were not very good. I didn't realise there was a video, use that for putting it together. It is no where near as bright as it looks in the picture. It hardly projects onto the walls and ceiling unless it's in a corner. If you can some how get it brighter it would make it just amazing! (Posted on 8/31/12)

  5. Help Review by g

    It was easy to assemble, use the instructions combined with the video how to. However, I am almost certain it is assembled correctly, and it will not turn on, I have switched the light bulb, and changed the batteries, which it doesn't need. I did see it light once, with batteries out, plugged in the wall, then stupid me unplugged it to see it in the dark. Now it wont work. This is fun to put together, and I'm sure it works for most, I just got the defective one... gr.
    (Posted on 8/13/12)

  6. Wish it was better Review by Kristine

    I got this in wishful thinking that it would be exactly what I wanted, and it was in some sense. It needed to be assembled completely, and the instructions are translated badly. It is cheaply made, and I was sure it wouldn't last long. It was beautiful once I finally put it together but the light dimmed quickly after one night of use and then burnt out after a second. (Posted on 7/23/12)

  7. Really nice! Review by Paula Leiva

    I got mine today and I noticed the instructions were for a different projector, but after looking at the video everything was fine, a little hard, but okay. The bulb doesn't produce the brightness that the pictures represent. But overall it looks pretty damn awesome in the dark. It's very peaceful. Great product, I loved it. Thank you! (Posted on 6/27/12)

  8. wedding Review by texas_girl

    Do any of you think this would be bright enough for a wedding venue? The room is pretty large but it will only be lite by candle light........what do you think? (Posted on 6/6/12)

  9. bitchinn Review by Lola

    It takes a while to assemble, but in the end it's worth it! The stars are really relaxing to go to sleep with (Posted on 6/5/12)

  10. I can't wait Review by Laury

    I just ode red this, i am totally in love with it. I just hope that I get it soon, i paid $11.00 for the premium shipping and handling it takes 5-9 business days =] (Posted on 5/27/12)

  11. Love it, but hard to assemble Review by Rachel

    This product does not come assembled, and the instructions are kind of useless, because the instructions that come with the product are for a slightly different star projector model. It took me about 2 hours to assemble it because I was so confused. Overall though, I love the result and how it looks in my bedroom at night. (Posted on 1/18/12)

  12. lame Review by brad

    fun for a 2 year old after that 10 seconds though its lame (Posted on 12/26/11)

  13. pretty neat Review by Elizabethyay

    I love the star projector for a Christmas gift for a loved one. However, be warned, assembly is tricky and lights are not as bright as those shown above with bulb included. Much fuzzier and not as golden and bright.

    - E (Posted on 12/19/11)

  14. Cool product, good luck putting it together... Review by Gingersnap

    This product is really a really nice way to set the atmosphere in a room. Also a good nightlight for kids. I will say, however, that putting it together was a bit of a challenge. When they say "DIY" they really mean it... You have to connect all of the cables and switches yourself. That being said, I would still purchase this product. (Posted on 10/29/11)

  15. this is great! Review by esti

    i just got mine yesterday. although the light is not as strong as the pictures above indicate, the machine is easy and fun to assemble and the stars effect is just wonderful!
    i left it on all night so when i randomly wake up i could see the stars, and today i dragged all of my work colleges to the only dark spot at work (the bathroom...) to share the fun. i truly recommend, well worth the money. (Posted on 10/25/11)

  16. So cool! Review by Selbs91

    I was skeptical about how well this worked, but me and my roommate decided to order one anyways. Shipping took awhile but when we finally got it assembled, it looks awesome! Now our dorm is the night sky! This was a good purchase :) (Posted on 10/19/11)

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