UNIQCUBE Light Cubes

February 25, 2016


Lamps should do more than just give you light! Bring a touch of uniqueness to your room with UNIQCUBE light cubes. You can choose one of the pre-designed mood lamps or create your own. Each of the cubes have a unique design, for example, KNOW YOUR STARS UNIQCUBE will not only give you illumination, but also teach you the constellations. This lamp has the constellations labelled on its top surface, whereas the sides and bottom areas are decorated with large representations of them, so you will never get lost in the endless night sky. 

This cable organizer with creative design support you setting up a more effective solution for cable management. It contains two parts, magnet base and magnet buckles. Peel off the magnet base's protective film on the back and stick to any surface such as wall, desktop, bedside table etc. Tie your cable with the magnet buckle(Remember Choose the Right Size), then you can attach the cable to the base firmly. It's really simple but effective.


Wanna something different at night? You should try this LED tote, made of  a transparent PVC cover, a canvas bag inside and a LED Strip. This is a prototype designed by Feng, the founder of infmetry.com, please leave your comments below, we will decide whether to mass production according to your opinions. Thanks a lot!

It is a mirror and a table lamp, kind of weird for combine two total differnt things. And yes, we did it. With 2,700–3,000 K color temperatures light, this mirror help you get the same effect when you are outdoors. 





The brightness adjustment function keep your eyes comfortable not matter for make up or reading.


Support 180 degree rotation,use it as mirror or table lamp in a easy way.

Inside 1200mAh polymer batteries provides 4 hours service time, let you use it anywhere you want.

The base of lamp is designed as a shelf, you can put some small things in it.

Using the word "Hello" as the voice command which was recorded from music Hello-Adele


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People like a great steak. Dry aging adds unmatched flavor and tenderness that marinating just can't touch.  The problem is that there has not been an affordable and safe way to do it at home, so this SteakAger solve this problem.



This Dry Aging box is made of high density food grade cutting board material. It sits right on your fridge shelf and is powered by a tiny 12 volt DC power pack you plug in to a wall outlet. It duplicates the environment of the walk in dry aging fridges in the great steakhouses.

A controller and proprietary software to perfectly control the Dry Aging environment.


Never before has a liquid substance been unveiled in its pure, unrefined form and controlled in a manner which allows it to display tangible shapes. There is a middle ground between the analog and the digital sphere, where the rules of mechanics and the laws of nature come together in order to create a liquid illusion reminiscent of a contemporary, digital form.

Time as a concept is highly subjective, but there are two things we can claim about it with certainty: time is unrelenting transience and continuous movement. It is precisely this endless rhythmic flow that Rhei captures, and just as every moment differs from the other, the movement of its digits is differently animated each time, never permitting it to exibit the same shape twice.


Introducing Magnetic USB Charging Cable from aMagic. It is a simple solution that makes your charging experience easy!

We’ve all experienced the trouble of plugging or unplugging our smart devices while driving, in the dark, or when in a hurry. MagCable is a revolutionary magnetic USB cable which makes charging easy!

MagCable is designed for both Android (Micro-USB) and iPhone (Lightning).

  • Micro USB Magnetic Cable for Android

  • Lightning Magnetic Cable for iPhone
  • We’ve also designed a Lightning Magnetic Adapter for regular iPhone cables.
  • You can use MagCable in a wide range of devices:

Get inspiration from the woman share her diagram of heart rate during sex, if the answer is yes, fitbit should develop an app that notice people that your lover is making love now.

World leading technology, Portable design, Powerful function,
Dlolo VR glass will immerse you into the perfect VR world

Only with 120g weight, the sunglasses style design, no external cables connection, Use the ultra-light weight material, Dlodlo V1 now is the thinnest VR glass.

Wide Field-of-View more than 110° - More Immersive, More Present
Contributing to Presence include wide FOV, full immersion, fast and precise tracking, and no visual anomalies. Feeling transported to explore requires 360°VR experience
2K+HD screen resolution, clear crystal image
16: 9 aspect ratio, 2K+ resolution, completely displays screen and the image, but not deformed. Near to 97% natural spectral contact ratio, Color displays as natural as it be.

Dlodlo Link

Independent DLOS VR ROM OS, Humanized interactive mode

Based on Android 4.4 system to create the DLOS VR ROM, perfectly match Dlodlo VR display and interaction, provide the best UI display, interaction, and open API, we will create a real VR ecosystem.



You private battle, and you personal VR games zoon
Dlodlo VR glass configured the Quad-core processor and the independent graph processor,
which improves the performance and Dlodlo community, has larger resource of VR games,
videos, movies etc, our users will have perfect experience of enjoying Dlodlo VR glass.
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