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Wood Block LED Clock

You have gorgeous wood floors, heirloom wood furniture - you even have those wooden salad bowls from the 70s - so why not a wood clock? A stroke of designing brilliance, this clock is made of LED lights layered under a wood veneer. When the clock's off, it looks like a minimal decorative object - when the clock's on, the large numbers glow through the wood. AC adapter included.


1. shape in a piece of wood, wood texture for natural skin, you can feel the breath of nature.
2. The alarm clock and sleep function: the alarm clock can ring 6 times, each time interval 5 minutes. If you don't open the sleep function, the alarm clock function can automatically shut off after ringing 1 minute.
3. Save electricity mode: every day between 6 p.m.to 7 o'clock the second day morning, the LED display brightness will automatically reduce, which will make your visual feel comfortable.
4. Memory: If don't connect adapters, the LED screen won't show, but the clock internal will continue totime, when connected adapter, the clock will automatically display the current normal time, do not need to reset.
5. 12/24 hour display, time precision: every +-1 second.
6. Material: Natural Veneer, fiber density board
7. Size: 220*100*65mm
8. Package: Cowhide box


Type: Clock