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Womens Mens Kids Best Water Shoes for Beach Pool Surfing

1. The INFMETRY water shoes help you enjoy water sport activites from home to sea, shore, beach, boat...
2. Good Protection: Solid tread will protect your feet from sharp rocks, shells, broken glass or other objects.
3. Better Traction: Rubber outsole give you good grip and traction on slippery and wet surfaces.
4. Light, breathable and flexible, almost like walking barefoot, so comfortable that many customer used it for yoga.
5. Size Guide: This is a socks less water shoes, your normal shoes size may not fit into our products, simply check your measurements with
our size chart to make sure the item fits before ordering.

The INFMETRY lightweight slip on water shoes are designed to both keep your feet safe and provide comfort while Hiking, Kayaking, Boating, Sailing, Fishing, Canoeing, etc..Solid rubber outsole protects your feet from broken glass, sharp rocks, hot surfaces, fish hooks, coral reefs, sharp-edged mussels, and even parasites. And the drainage ports on the bottom with fully breathable and quick-drying upper that will keep your feet fresh and prevent sand from entering the shoe. You can bring just one pair of our shoes on your beach or island vacation no matter how many activities you're planning.


INFMETRY Water Shoes for Any Water Activity:
Swimming / Paddleboarding / Rowing / Surfing / Wakeboarding / Kayaking / White Water Rafting / Boating / Jet Skiing / Sailing / Hiking / Fishing / Canoeing

Size Chart: 
Kid 3.5Y/Women US 5.5 Feet Length: 8.66" / 22cm
Kid 4Y/Women US 6 Feet Length: 8.85" / 22.5cm
Men US 6/Women US 7 Feet Length: 9.25" / 23.5cm
Men US 6.5/Women US 8 Feet Length: 9.44" / 24cm
Men US 7/Women US 8.5 Feet Length: 9.64" / 24.5cm
Men US 7.5/Women US 9 Feet Length: 9.84" / 25cm
Men US 8/Women US 9.5 Feet Length: 10" / 25.5cm
Men US 9/Women US 10 Feet Length: 10.23" / 26cm
Men US 9.5/Women US 11 Feet Length: 10.43 / 26.5cm
Men US 10/Women US 11.5 Feet Length: 10.62 / 27cm
Men US 11/Women US 12 Feet Length: 10.82" / 27.5cm
Men US 12 Feet Length: 11.22" / 28.5cm

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