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Upside Down Indoor Plant Pot

This upside-down indoor plant pot will transform the way you hang your plants in the home, and you'll love the new and unique view of your plants. The unique design flips the traditional plant pot on it's head and hangs plants upside down from the ceiling, so you can make the most of your floor space. To secure the plant simply use the locking disc to hold it in place, and the plastic mesh will stop any soil from falling out.

A common problem with potted plants is that they quickly lose water through evaporation and drainage. Unlike traditional plant pots it's clever Slo-Flo internal irrigation system feeds water directly to the plant's roots to limit evaporation and conserve water, which means you won't have to water your plant as often as you would with a traditional plant pot. When the plant is low on water a green float stick at the top indicates the water level and will remind you when to water the plant.


Dimensions: Height - 130mm x diameter - 95mm
Weight: 210g


Type: Decor