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Titanium Alloy Tritium Fluorescent Tube Key Ring

Some girls even hang it in the pet's neck, in order to find out their pets in the evening. Just play to your creativity, we believe you can give birth to a lot of use!

Contains a small glass tube seal tritium, it can emit an electron phosphor coating and send out a light. Compared with other similar fluorescence key chain, its biggest advantage is it can be used underwater 100m and can be used in harsh environment. This titanium alloy protection shell have better drop resistance than ordinary plastic shells!

+ size: titanium alloy shell: 35 mm long, 9 mm in diameter
Tritium trachea: 22.5 mm long, 3 mm in diameter

Titanium alloy shell
Spontaneous light time: 25 years
Brightness: 500 ul

Category: Key Chain

Type: Other