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Solar Floating Lights

Category: Solar

Type: Decor

This means you can plop them in your pond or swimming pool. And if you haven’t got a pool we suggest you start digging because the effect of a few Solar Lights bobbing around on shimmering water is quite mesmerizing.

With their attractive spherical styling and durable waterproof casing, Solar Lights are specifically designed for outdoor use. They even feature a handy hoop so you can hang them from parasols and branches. If you’re looking to add a touch of magic to summer evenings al fresco, Solar Lights are perfect. Simply dot them around your borders or under your favorite plants and the whole garden is transformed into an enchanting wonderland of colorful, gently glowing light.

As well as a color-changing LED, each Solar Light contains a NiCad battery and solar panel. Just allow the panel to soak up a few rays and you’ll never have to faff around with candles again. Besides, who can be bothered with all that wick-trimming business? Not us, because throwing an outdoor soiree is hectic enough without having to play hunt-the-tealights. And that’s before they get blown out by a gust of wind.

Even if you haven't got much of a garden, Solar Lights are well worth investing in as they look great on windowsills or hanging in porches. Failing that you can wear them as comedy Pat Butcher-style earrings at your next office Christmas bash, or maybe not. The point is, when it comes to adding atmosphere to your garden, Solar Lights are infinitely more versatile and convenient than candles, lanterns or any other outdoor light you’d care to think of. So get ordering – it’s a kind of magic!