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Rotatable DIY Starfield Simulation Projector

Category: Decompression, LED

Type: Lighting

This starfield simulation light projects a map of the heavens onto your ceiling and walls with thousands of stars in random order. Featuring a rotating base with compass-point alignments, it is possible to set up your AstroStar by aligning it according to your location and the time of the year, so it can project a map of the clear night sky all around you. You can also change it to the accurately track movement of the heavens as the year progresses. The projector not only gives your child an education of astronomical science, but also gives you the couple to create a romantic surprise! Ideal for astronomy or astrology fans, romantics, kids who appreciate a nightlight with a difference or anyone who wants to bring some starlight into their home. Note: You need to build it yourself. Tip:Keep the room dark to get better performances.



  • Projects stars onto your ceiling and walls.
  • Can be used as night light.
  • Three LED color for option: Green, Blue and Red(Infrared Remote Control).
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries and 110V~240V power adpter.
  • Stationary and rotating for option(Infrared Remote Control).