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Quick-drying Rotating Clothes Hangers

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  • Space Saving, It will neatly organize your clothes and reduce the clutter on the floor as well as a space saver in your closet. approximately size: 15.7 x 4.3 x 7.2 Inch
  • Intimate 360 ° rotating stereoscopic design help aerating your clothes for faster drying.
  • Hanging on everywhere perfectly, featuring an extremely sturdy swivel hook to easily hang and organize your clothes, you can basically hang them on closet rods, nails, wall, etc.
  • Extremely sturdy PP Material, durable and smooth, minimize creases, wrinkles and shoulder bumps, helping to preserve the shape of the garments.
  • The small gap on the hanger make it easier to slip you clothes in without stretching them wide, avoiding clothes deformation.

Contains:1 X Stereoscopic clothes hanger
Size:39.5 X 24 X 1.26 cm (Flat)
39.5 X 11.2 X 18.4 cm (Standing)

Category: Plastic

Type: Other