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Pot Solar Night Light Plant

It has many other names such as solar desktop lamp, eco lamp, unplug lamp and so on. The simple and fashion solar light absorbs the solar in the day and is a lamp in night which is fresh, natural and creative.

In the "leaf" part of a switch, press down to "On", and then click the pop-up to "Off". Opening the switch, pot will automatically sense ambient light and dark, when the low light, automatically sensing light. When charging, have some of the leaves facing upwards. Lamp used to put down the green leaves.

Needs 8 hours of sunlight exposure to activate the battery, when you use built-in rechargeable battery at the first time, 8 hours is needed for completing charge. Daily use every day can be just a light-emitting 5 hours.

Pot absorbed energy in day and lighted in night. You must know it does exist. In this moment, you may feel the grass life quotient for growing up and amazed at the conservation of energy and the universe should be obeyed. No matter day or night, the heart shakes while the leave shakes. Let the attitude of nature blend in your life. Save energy and enjoy the green life.

Category: Solar

Type: Lighting