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Perpetual Spinning Top

It is a mesmerizing kinetic motion toy that will dazzle onlookers with its endless spin.

Is the science of perpetual motion captured right here in the form of this shiny silver top, spinning ceaselessly on its black base? One very long demonstration from the Top Secret Perpetual Spinning Top might indeed convince you that the answer is a resounding YES!

Just one spin of the Top Secret Perpetual Spinning Top will set it off for hours on end or, in some cases, even for days! It is a great mystery to behold, watching it behave in such a way.

Fascinate and confuse your friends as they struggle to comprehend how it works! They’ll gaze in awe as the Perpetual Spinning Top goes on and on, showing no signs of stopping and refusing to slow down.

Requires one 9 volt battery -included-

Type: Other Toys