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Modern indoor concrete plants short flower pot

  • Exclusive design, limited production, made for you
  • There is made of cement, pure hand-made.
  • Each one looks so texture,can foil more plant fresh bright.
  • Perfect for housing your kitchen herb garden or showing off your collection of small potted plants


Bring the modern trend of concrete décor into your home with a concrete planter.

Strong, sleek, and simple, this planter is the perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor décor.

The absorbency of the concrete helps to reduce excess water.

Recommended for use with drier house plants such as succulents, cacti or air plants.

Small round:Height:4CM,length:10.8CM

Big round:Height:4CM,length:15CM

Small square:Height:4CM,length:11CM

Big square:Height:4CM,length:13.7CM

Category: Concrete

Type: Decor