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Micro SIM Card Trimmer Cutter

Apple iPhone 4 and iPad let everyone know an unfamiliar industry standard, the Micro SIM card.

The Micro SIM was developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. They are no different than the SIM card we usually use, only different in size. So in order to turn your original SIM card into a new Micro SIM card for your new iPhone or iPad, you have to chop down to the Micro SIM card form. You can do it with a knife, scissors or any tools you like, but there is another way to do it easily by using this SIM trimmer without hurting the card.

Simple to use, it accepts old school chips, smashes down on them with the full force of modernity, and spits out an appropriately streamlined Micro SIM. It cuts a perfect Micro SIM out of your normal SIM, and with a special SIM card holder (Micro SIM Adapter included), you can still use your freshly cut Micro SIM as a normal SIM.

Include Two Micro SIM Adapter

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