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Metal Diamond Bunker Ring Hold for Cellphone/Pad

  • Reusable self-adhesive : Dust can be washed out using clean water to restore strong adhesiveness
  • Premium material and color makes your phone more luxurious look.
  • Convenient and safe grip to prevent dropping device and control device while you are operating 
phone and taking picture
  • No sticky residual after detaching.
  • Strong adhesive on Smartphones and Tablets (up to 8 Lbs)

How to use?
1.Tear off protective film
2.Past it up to smart phone/tablet
3.Press softly by hand to esure stickness
4.When need to remove the ring,please shell off from edge firstly,then uncover completely

Net Weight: 0.89oz / 30g
Size: 2in*1.18in*0.29in / 52mm*30mm*7.5mm
Material: case/metal & ring/metal
Maxium cohesive force:8 Lbs

Category: Bunker Ring

Type: Phone Accessories