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Invader Table Lamp

The inspiration of this lamp is from the movie named War of the World directed by Spielberg. As per its name, let the three legged lamp invade your table. It is made of 5mm basswood board with E0 grade which is safe and environmental and certificated by CARB in America. The size can be adjusted from 25cm to 40cm and the weight is only 1.688kg.

This is a DIY product. You can built it and choose the paint color yourself. You should have a little knowledge about electronics. The lamp is 
unique for its alien outlook. Three legs can modify the angles to be different styles.

The additional things for this product are a set of lamb holder and a switching line which are all certificated by CE and UL. There are not lamps in the package and you can buy the lamps from a local market. You can choose 40-watt bulb or 12-watt compact fluorescent lamps. You should also prepare the knife and hamper to assemble it. 


40-watt bulb or 12-watt compact fluorescent lamps.


Category: DIY

Type: Lighting