' INFMETRY Women's Fashion Diamond Jewelry Wedge Slide Sandals

INFMETRY Women's Fashion Diamond Jewelry Wedge Slide Sandals

If you want to live on inspired life, you've got to start with a great foundation. Our unique midsoles are designed to abosrb shock and diffuse areas of high pressure under your foot, by instantly increasing the contact area of the foot to the midsole. Once you have experienced all day comfort. You may never want to wear ordinary slide sandals again!


  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Seamless built-in arch contour
  • Super Comfortable: It’s biomechanically designed to diffuse areas of high pressure.
  • Unbelievably Light: It is smart-engineered with ergonomic arch contouring and features micro-bubble foam impact pillows for all-day heel and ball-of-foot cushioning.
  • Slip on a pair of our flip-flop and you’ll feel the difference instantly. 
  • Average (width) fit
  • Decorated with sparkly-glimmery-shimmery diamonds 
  • High wedge has a 1.6"H heel and 1" at the toe

Size Chart:
EU 35 Fit Foot Length: 8.15 - 8.46" / 20.7–21.5cm
EU 36 Fit Foot Length: 8.47 - 8.81" / 21.6–22.4cm
EU 37 Fit Foot Length: 8.82 - 9.17" / 22.5–23.3cm
EU 38 Fit Foot Length: 9.18 - 9.48" / 23.3–24.1cm
EU 39 Fit Foot Length: 9.49 - 9.84" / 24.2–25.0cm
EU 40 Fit Foot Length: 9.68 - 10.0" / 24.6–25.4cm

Type: Shoes