' INFMETRY Men Women Wide Boating Water Shoes

INFMETRY Men Women Wide Boating Water Shoes

The INFMETRY lightweight boating water shoes are designed to both keep your feet safe and provide comfort while Hiking, Kayaking, Boating, Sailing, Fishing, Canoeing, etc..Solid rubber outsole protects your feet from broken glass, sharp rocks, hot surfaces, fish hooks, coral reefs, sharp-edged mussels, and even parasites. And the drainage ports on the bottom with fully breathable and quick-drying upper that will keep your feet fresh and prevent sand from entering the shoe. You can bring just one pair of our shoes on your beach or island vacation no matter how many activities you're planning.

INFMETRY Water Shoes for Any Water Activity:
Boating / Paddleboarding / Rowing / Surfing / Wakeboarding / Kayaking / White Water Rafting / Jet Skiing / Sailing / Hiking / Fishing / Canoeing

Size Chart:
4.5 Men/5.5 Women/8.86" Foot Length
5.5 Men/6.5 Women/9.10" Foot Length
6 Men/7 Women/9.37" Foot Length
7 Men/8 Women/9.6" Foot Length
7.5 Men/8.5 Women/9.84" Foot Length
8.5 Men/9.5 Women/10.11" Foot Length
9.5 Men/10.5 Women/10.43" Foot Length
10 Men/11 Women/10.67" Foot Length
11 Men/12 Women/10.95" Foot Length
11.5 Men/12.5 Women/11.19" Foot Length
12.5 Men/13.5 Women/11.46" Foot Length

Size Guide: This is a wide and roomy fit water shoes, don't need to size up.

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