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Grenades Shaped Key Bag/Change Purse

The most realistic trend of the most fashionable grenades lifelike appearance key bag and zero purse, very cool and practical alternative and bags, make your life full of excitement and fun gadgets, good-looking and fun. Housing made of high strength ultra-fine Velvet PU + EVA + laminated metal forming, there is a certain hardness, wear resistance, impact, turn left after the six key ring can be attached to keys, the following is a net bag to prevent excessive shaking when the key is in it, two large keys can also be placed inside the bag. The right side is a zippered pocket and can put some notes and coins; in fact, a U disk and the like can also be placed inside the small things. Around the outside with aluminum carabineer, you can put cool hand grenades hanging on his waist or hung on your backpack!

Multiple colors for different preferences are optional. Choose your grenade quickly from the recent bombing of fashion avant-garde for you!


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