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Bonfire Coatrack

This simple flat-packed coatrack, comprised of six lengths of wood, which was inspired by bonfires as well as traditional Chinese mortise and tenon joints. Its ‘X LOCK’ design improves the joint and does away with the need for metal parts.

Note: Assemble yourself, not a easy thing

Wood affected by climate thermal expansion and contraction, if the small wooden stick is too large, you need to use the included sandpaper sanding it, then use the included wood wax coated polished surface, finally dry in air before they can be assembled.


Size: 1700mm x 500mm
Package Size: 1860mm x 95mm
Weight: 5Kg
Type: German Beech,North America Ashtree

reddot award 2014
best of the best


Category: Hook

Type: Decor