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Bird Shaped Door Chime

Type: Other

This cute bird shaped door chime's bell was inspired by the sound of a bird chirping to greet the morning. When you open your door, the bird's "tail" shakes and makes a gentle sound.

Installing this door chime is simple. It comes with a small magnetic plate, some double-sided tape, and screws. Use the double-sided tape to attach the plate to the door and then screw the plate to the door. The Tori Door Chime is magnetic, so it will easily stick to the plate.

With the pleasant trill of the door chime coming out of its metallic tail, it is easy to imagine this product adding real charm to a home, office, or storefront. Coming in four colors (white, yellow, turquoise or pink), this little bird is ready to greet you and visitors whenever you open your door!


Colors: white, yellow, turquoise, and pink
Size: 40 x 98 x 70mm (1.57 x 4.85 x 2.75")
Materials: Bird (die cast zinc, aluminum), door plate (non-ferrous metal)
Includes magnetic bird door chime, metal plate, double-sided tape, screws
Install horizontally on a metal door