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Waterproof Music Tower Player

This is a player for your love songs. You can enjoy a happy time with music when you have this music tower.

It has the perfect tone quality because of full screen sound and sound track 2.0. The clear LED ensures that you can watch the screen in darkness. Because of reflector, the amplifying sound filed make you enjoy the perfect tone quality in 360 degree. It is a column with the diameter of 78mm and the height of 185mm. The tiny body can be placed in all places and all people can enjoy the high quality music when it is placed on the table. It has the waterproof like IPX5 which lets you use the tower even in the place that is full with water. 

It is easy to operate. Only can one finger control the big button on the top of the tower. It supports the USB memory card to play your love song when you connect the card to the tower. The concise design is fit to the style of a bathroom. There are two optional colors which are white and pink.

Type: Speaker