' INFMETRY PRO Unisex Anti-Fatigue Replacement Foam Insole(8 Pack)

INFMETRY PRO Unisex Anti-Fatigue Replacement Foam Insole(8 Pack)

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Our specially designed Open-Cell Foam mades a perfect balance between cushioning and support, the heel cradle cushions your foot with each step, provides long lasting comfort and support to meet the needs of all activities and all types of footwear.

  • Long-Term Cushioning:The cushioning and fit never change inside the shoe, providing maximum comfort every time you put your shoes on.
  • High-Level Breathability: Air circulates in and around the insole, keeping the foot cooler inside the shoe.
  • Better Moisture Management: The unique insole structure moves moisture away from the foot.
  • Lightweight: Insoles provide cushioing and optimum performance without adding weight to the shoe.
  • Washable: Infmetry insoles are machine washable, coming out like new every time while maintaining all of their performance benefits after washing.
  • Thin foam: Only 4mm in forefoot.
  • Arch Support: The dynamic arch design provides the support and stability you need.


Please check your measurements with our size chart to make sure the item fits before ordering.
Buy an insole close to your standard size. If your shoe size is a half size, round up to the next full size. For example, if the shoe size is a 7.5, choose a size 8 insole. Larger insoles can be trimmed to fit a slightly smaller size.

How to trim insoles?
Our products can be trimmed to fit as necessary. Use your shoe’s insole as a template for trimming for the best fit.

Size Chart:
XS: [6.3-7.1 in][16.1-18.0 cm]
S: [7.1-7.9 in][18.1-20.0 cm]
M: [7.9-8.9 in][20.1-22.5 cm]
L: [8.9-9.8 in][22.6-25.0 cm]
XL: [9.8-10.7 in][25.1-27.2 cm]
XXL: [10.7-11.2 in][27.3-28.5 cm]]

Order includes 8 pack insoles

Type: Shoes