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MagCable - Android (Micro-USB) and iPhone (Lightning) Magnetic USB Charging Cable

Introducing Magnetic USB Charging Cable from aMagic. It is a simple solution that makes your charging experience easy!

We’ve all experienced the trouble of plugging or unplugging our smart devices while driving, in the dark, or when in a hurry. MagCable is a revolutionary magnetic USB cable which makes charging easy!

MagCable is designed for both Android (Micro-USB) and iPhone (Lightning).
  • Micro USB Magnetic Cable for Android
Lightning Magnetic Cable for iPhone

There is a Lightning Magnetic Adapter for regular iPhone cables.

  • You can use MagCable in a wide range of devices:



1. A neodymium magnet provides magnetic power at a temperature as high as 200 degree Celsius. MagCable utilizes the highest class of magnet in the industry. This ensures the stability of MagCable over other existing cables.

2. Reversible plug: either side of the plug can be connected to devices.

3. Instant charging mode switching technology: charge your phone faster by clicking the switch button to turn off the data sync.

4.Light indicator on the cable to indicate charging status and help you locate your cable in the dark.

5. Components made of copper to improve the charging speed.