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Lucky Jackpot Jumboslot Key Chain

People are obsessed with this thing. All of these are endless love and wishes behind the picture with different colors in three small windows. Push the lever handle and then the happiness turn to fly in your palm through fruits, numbers, and English word. When three of the same pictures appear together, you can win!

Of course, this product is just fun jewelry. It can be regarded as the smallest slot machine in the world. Super cool! It cannot spit in or not the coin even if you really win. It will be a bet for your lover or family to do something. There are interesting fashion, decompression casual ornaments and luminous sound when you press the middle button! This small pendant has fine workmanship and you can carry it anywhere. Its size is 3×6.5×2.8cm and it is made from plastic and spring. There are four optional colors which are gold, silver, red and blue.

Category: Key Chain

Type: Other Toys